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Manufacturing & Inventory Experience

What to expect if you're a Manufacturing prospect or client...

At fist, we conduct a thorough vetting and discovery call that typically lasts ~45-minute (to 1+ hour), which is typically lead by our Head of Sales or our CEO & Founder. This introductory discovery call helps us learn and understand all of the internal processes and systems that your agency currently adheres to and utilizes, and we also get a better grasp of all key decision-makers, custom KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and all internal or external operators and staff that help run and make-up your full team. While many companies seem to think that their processes are standardized or similar amongst their common industry peers, we've learned that EVERY business is different and that every organization has unique and nuanced ways of performing some of the same, industry-specific tasks, so we take our discovery calls quite seriously, as they help us get the scope of work as dialed-in and accurate as possible from the jump.

We also engage with our manufacturing clients on a consulting basis to help them find the best inventory solution for their unique business needs and niche. Like any software, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to a solution, but there are better choices depending on the specific use cases. We understand the field of options and can quickly identify and vet the tools that help our clients succeed.

We are proficient in various inventory systems and try to remain technology agnostic when helping clients select or migrate systems (if leveraged on a consulting or advisory basis), but if/when their system of choice impacts our/their accounting function negatively or positively, we'll make our opinions known and try to advise the client to select the best tools for their business. Two commonly used inventory software systems that we see (and our manufacturing clients use) today are SOS Inventory and Fishbowl - both of which integrate with Xero and Quickbooks Online (our most commonly used accounting platforms, as selected by our clientele). Some clients use NetSuite for all inventory, accounting, etc. functions, which requires a fully customized configuration that is very specific to the clients' needs, processes and structure. These more evolved and advanced ERP systems can be much more robust and timely to implement and train on, and we have assisted with implementing these software systems, when asked or required by our clientele. 

Our inventory solutions and system cleanups can help your manufacturing business optimize data to ensure you get the the monthly accurate, reliable financials that make your accounting reports shine.

We keep your inventory system clean, up-to-date, and always accurate. Let us go above and beyond standard accounting practices for you!

We also help many of our manufacturing clients optimize and manage their Accounts Receivable processes/workloads, as well as Accounts Payable functions. We’ve even built proprietary AR workflows using RPA (robotic process automation) for clients that have clunky processes and heavy invoice volumes that required countless hours of manual effort before. Zapier is one of our favorite tools for building out custom RPA workflows, and we can always take on new automation projects upon request. 

For certain manufacturing clients with heavy invoice volumes/transactions, complex AR/AP infrastructures, and vendor billing schedules, our automation has proven invaluable; sometimes saving upwards of 20-30 hours monthly on manual data entry. We love to get our clients set up & efficiently running Accounts Payable on tools like Bill.com. Bill.com integrates nicely with both Xero and QBO and in addition to eliminating some of the manual effort tied to paying hundreds of bills monthly, tools like Bill.com can further alleviate cashflow headaches that some of our clients face (and didn’t know there was a viable/cheap solution for). 

We often support our Manufacturing clients with Strategic Technical Accounting & Financial Planning & Analysis work - which may sometimes includes services like SKU rationalization studies, budgeting & forecasting, compensation planning, KPI measuring, detailed cashflow analysis, recapitalization & loan consolidation assistance. 

CPAs with experience in the manufacturing industry aren’t super common, but our team can quickly learn and understand your business faster than most, given our extensive experience and willingness to learn new/foreign technologies and systems (that are not inherently “accounting specific” but are more or less operational). Whether you have a brand new manufacturing company or a well-seasoned profitable machine, we’re happy to take you on as a client and provide your team with as much or as little support as you’re needing at any particular stage in your development.


Whether you operate a brand new manufacturing company or a well-seasoned, profitable machine, we’re always happy to talk with you about a potential accounting partnership or provide more targeted services. We can lend your team as much or as little support as needed; regardless of the growth stage you're in.

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