A Wide Array of Industry Experience

We've proven that quality advisory doesn't require decades of isolated industry experience. In fact, our diverse client base allows us to buck the status quo & tackle complexities with a fresh, well-rounded approach.

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Serving Companies of All Shapes & Sizes!

Our clientele represent over 40 different industries, and we're proud of that! We believe that accounting best practices aren't limited to any one field or vertical; that they should be applied universally and thoughtfully. We also service many overseas businesses with new U.S. franchisees, remote offices or Headquarters. We work with businesses that pull in annual revenues ranging from $0 to $500M - so nobody is too big or too small for our pond!  


A running list of all industry categories we currently service...

We have such a diverse client pool that represents so many different industries and verticals, and it's exciting to get that much exposure to various business types and sizes. We often get asked about our tenure or years experience in any one specific industry, and for examples of the different clients we've serviced per industry, so we thought it helpful to provide a running list of all categories we currently (or formerly) represented, so that prospective clients and business owners could better vet our capabilities beforehand. For any linked below in pink, you can click to view specific accounting or finance tasks we often perform for these vertical types:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Creative Direction, Production & Photography
  • Technology Startups
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)
  • Cryptocurrency Companies & NFT Companies
  • App Technology
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Retail 
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources & People
  • Medical & Dentistry
  • Architecture & Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Food Distributors & Packagers
  • Event Planning
  • Job Placement
  • Transportation
  • Security & Cybersecurity
  • eCommerce

More info on common industries we partner with...

Marketing & Creatives

We have a wide range of creative and agency clientele who specialize in photography, production, marketing, advertising, branding, public relations and event planning. We've found that this vertical meshes really well with our own business model, and we have many happy clientele in this specific field of work.

CLICK HERE to learn about our marketing-specific accounting services


We love assisting a multitude of diverse Manufacturing companies; even our CEO has extensive history in this field! We have manufacturing clients with hundreds of SKU's, which means they're heavy on inventory-specific accounting tasks! We've also helped some of these clients optimize their Accounts Receivable (AR) processes for improved cashflow!

CLICK HERE to learn about manufacturing-specific accounting services

Construction & Architecture

We have a growing portfolio of clients that do commercial and residential construction work/building, as well as several interior design, furniture & architecture firms. For these companies, we're often asked to track job costs & profitability by project, and for some that may mean job costing accounting for up to ~50-60 projects at any given time! 

CLICK HERE to learn about our construction-specific accounting services


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