SMART is safe. And safe is always smart.

The financial industry is always under cyber-attack. Good thing we're ready for anything.

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Risk Containment

Our firm has been through a full cyber security audit. We have adopted industry leading best practices and we incorporate cyber security training for all team members.

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Multi-layered Protection

We require Multi-Factor Authentication to limit who can access our network. We work with a leading cyber security solutions provider, Tuearis Cyber, to constantly update our protocols.

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Incident Response

Our team provides network security monitoring and rapidly responds to any incidents with a multifaceted approach that combines people, process, and technology.

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We look out for small businesses just like yours.

Nearly half of small business breaches go undiscovered for weeks or months before being discovered. $20B lost to ransomware attacks over the last year alone.

Knowledge is power. And not a lot of firms know the risk that’s out there.


Financial service firms don’t know they’ve been breached until the attackers told them!


Financial service firms were notified by an outside security firm


That means more than half of financial services don’t know what hit them

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Smart protects your data

Luckily, you’ve found SMART. We understand the risks, so we’re able to put defenses up between you and the bad actors out there.




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