Bookkeeping: The Entrepreneur’s Quicksand.

September 16, 2021 Clint Bowers

Who doesn’t love an entrepreneur? The renegades of the business world. Their daring deeds inspire, and employ, people around the world. They’re what every business person wants to be when they grow up. But like pretty much every action hero, they’re bound to run into that big pit of quicksand that slows them down. In the business world, that quicksand is bookkeeping. Well, consider us the conveniently-placed vine you can use to pull yourself out of that mess. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, you should NOT be spending your time on bookkeeping. We understand that there are a lot of entrepreneurs who either feel like they can do it all, or think they’re saving money by doing everything themselves. But every business superhero needs a sidekick. Allow us to explain:

You know how they say time is money? Well, why would you spend your valuable time doing something that doesn’t make money? Bookkeeping doesn’t produce revenue. Your time should be devoted to things like strategy, marketing, funding, and other key areas that require your attention and focus. Stuff that’s going to make you money now, or lead to revenue down the road. 

Every business hero needs a villain. The Entrepreneur’s villain has a name: Tax-Man. It’s not a great name, but it is a scary one. This is one of those times having us as a sidekick comes in handy. We keep your books clean and shiny. You could say bulletproof. Strong enough to ensure your taxes are super accurate and audits have no power over you. 

One thing every entrepreneur needs is funds. Whether it be start-up money, help from investors, or a loan from a friendly neighborhood banker. Whatever the case, most people want to see the numbers before they fork over the cash. When an investor sees that your books are in order, it creates confidence in your business, and in you. 

Bookkeeping is much more than crunching numbers. Or it least it should be. We’re not in the bean counting business, we’re in the solutions business. We’re a financial partner that’s seriously engaged in your business. Someone with an inside—and outside perspective—you can talk to about your financial statements, business health, efficiencies, projections and more. We can even analyze key variables to help you create a financial forecast for the future.  

Doing it all yourself doesn’t save you money. It wastes your valuable time. Talk to us today about how our bookkeeping services can save you money, help you avoid pitfalls along the road, turn planning into profitability, and help you build your business. Let’s talk about how our experts can help create real financial solutions for your business adventure.

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