"Clint’s team has brought new innovative ideas that have proven to be contributing factors in the growth of our business."
Matthew Alexander
Director of Sales
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"When we started we had one location and did $400K in sales... We are on path to do $1.5M this year across 2 locations and that is because of the support we have received from their team!"
Richard Thomas
The Island Spot

You're a Savvy Business OwnerYou know you need an expert Accountant in your corner. That's just good sense. But do you also know that in order to say current and competitive, you've got to get on board with cloud-based accounting?

But something most owners overlook is the significant edge they can gain by also bring on a business advisor--someone who know not just what the numbers are, but what they mean. Someone who can help you make sense of your business with concrete tools like project/client profitability analysis, cost savings analysis, business valuations, tax strategies, and multi-year forecast models.

In today's highly nuanced, tech-driven marketplace, having an honest, forward-thinking, tech-savvy business mentor on your team can be the difference between soaring high and scraping by.

At Smart Concepts you get all of the above. And for less than you think.

XERO BookkeepingIf you want easy to use, best in class accounting software, you want Xero.

But getting started feels daunting, especially when you have a million other things to do. That's why even the savviest business owners are hiring Xero experts to spearhead the conversion. We'll make custom recommendations based on your business needs, get you all set up, and even help train your team.

Startup EvaluationsWe love startups. In the beginning, we were one ourselves.

We know how it feels to have big ideas and plenty of motivation, but very little cash flow and lots of unknowns.

That’s why we now offer complimentary startup evaluations—confidential, no-strings conversations where we’ll discuss your business ideas, your progress so far, and your next steps.

Smart Cloud IntegrationsThere are so many online tools that could save you big in terms of time and money—if you only knew about them. Leave it to us to find the best tech out there to make your business run even better.

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