"Clint’s team has brought new innovative ideas that have proven to be contributing factors in the growth of our business."
Matthew Alexander
Director of Sales
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"When we started we had one location and did $400K in sales... We are on path to do $1.5M this year across 2 locations and that is because of the support we have received from their team!"
Richard Thomas
The Island Spot

Certified CPA & Accounting ServicesWe are a different type of CPA firm though – we listen to our clients and we love technology

We represent a new era of CPAs: tech savvy, enthusiastic, forward thinkers with zero tolerance for clunky old school methodologies. We use the best technology out there to expedite processes, protect businesses from human error, and eliminate surprises—both on tax day and throughout the year. We take care of your immediate needs, but always with an eye on the future.

Tax Preparation & Strategy

Profitable businesses pay big tax dollars, so if you’re feeling queasy about your annual payout—congratulations! But of course, no one wants to pay more than they have to.

We provide smart, actionable tax advice pertaining to business and personal deductions, business structure and reorganization, and general tax strategy—all in plain English, not accounting gibberish.

Our primary goal is to make you a healthy, profitable, cash flow positive business, and to plan well in advance so that you’re comfortable on tax day.

Financial Review

Anyone can churn out financial numbers, but what do they mean and what should you do about them? We’ll prepare and review your financial statements on a monthly basis, then sit down and discuss the results with you.

It’s not just a question of whether your business made money last month. We evaluate your business’s health and use it to forecast the future. Are you spending too much on other things? Are your prices too low? We’ll tell you—and then we’ll help you fix it. Sometimes, the greatest value we provide is accountability.

As you know, even the smallest financial savings have a compound effect over time—which means that, really, you don’t have a minute to waste.

Cash Flow Management

Maintaining a cash flow positive business doesn’t happen by chance. General guidelines and passive attempts at frugality are not enough, and neither are high profits. It takes careful, regular analysis and specific plans to ensure a healthy inflow and outflow of cash. Let’s talk about how you could be doing even better.


Federal, state, and local payroll tax laws change frequently, and they’re becoming more complex each year. Even if you had the time to manage your own payroll, would it be worth the risk of making a mistake? Let us worry about the IRS and the law, while you worry about making your customers happy.

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